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Post Oak Enterprises, llc., P.O. Box 1030, Burnet, Texas 78611 512-756-4647

Essential oils,  distilled and  extracted from plants , can transform the way you heal and restore your skin. Our blend relies on four powerhouse plants for its regenerative benefits: lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus & rosemary.

BooBooGoop Skin Repair

BooBooGoop is a simple formula with complex capabilities.
It contains our proprietary blend of four healing essential oils,
fortified with organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, a hint of
organic lemongrass. Our  formula combats pathogens, viruses,
bacteria, fungi and other microbes that slow down healing.
Has a luscious herbaceous fragrance.

Faster Relief for Pain & Itching
Faster Recovery from Symptoms
Better Protection from Infection
Faster Hair and Healthy Skin Re-Growth
Less Scarring
Smoother Healthier Skin

Our Goop works on
Cuts, Rashes & Skin Irritations
Fungal, Viral & Bacterial Conditions
Insect Bites & Stings
Sun-Damaged Skin

BooBooGoop repels flies, mosquitoes and insects and
can be used as an aromatic.

BooBooGoop Spray
BooBooGoop Spray contains the same essential oils blend combined with
Witch Hazel to give it a soothing feel on damaged skin. (Witch Hazel contains
14% alcohol.)

Why BooBoogoop Works: The combination and the proportions of  the plant oils
used in our Goop makes it a universal, one-step formula for healing your skin
and relieving symptoms quickly.  Our pure blend of therapeutic grade oils
each specifically chosen for these medicinal qualities.

Both the BooBooGoop Salve and BooBooGoop Spray kill germs and mites, repel flies
and mosquitoes, sooth injuries and skin conditions and block pain and itching.

Both comes in a handy aluminum (recyclable) packaging
for your back pocket, purse, backpack or saddle bag.
Spray on a bandana to wrap around your neck to
keep flies, mosquitoes and midges at bay. Do the same
for your dog or horse!

booboogoop spray cools and sooths

Conditions for using BooBooGoop Salve or Spray
insect bites
cold sores
fever blisters
itchy skin
nail fungus
toe fungus
jock itch
surgery sites
piercing sites
sweet itch
dock itch
rain scald
saddle sores
sore mouth
biting flies
wound cleaning
hand cleaning

When traveling, apply BooBooGoop around or even in
the nostrils to help ward off viruses and bacteria.
Spray on a bandana or shirt collar to repel flies, mosquitoes and midges

Has a strong herbaceous scent



BooBooGoop Heals BooBoos
BooBooGoop for Gardeners!
When having a green thumb is
hard on your hands........
Comes in a 2 oz. recyclable tin.

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~ Made in the USA ~ Pesticide Free ~
~Dye and Color Additive Free ~
~We Support Equine & Animal Rescues ~
~Alcohol Free** ~
~ Petroleum Free ~
~ Non-Toxic* ~

** BooBooGoop Spray contains witch hazel
which is 14% alcohol
*   Any essential oil may be toxic if ingested in large quantities or if the user has an allergy to the plant oils used in our formula.

A companion product to Miller's Equine Wound Salve
a multi-purpose salve and spray for virtually any skin condition
or injury on your horses, dogs or livestock.

  Miller's Equine Wound Salve and Spray are slightly stronger and formulated for use on dogs, horses and livestock. For use in harsh, outdoor farm and ranch conditions, where exposure to germs, bacteria, pathogens, fungi and viruses is more immediate.  For horses, dogs and livestock, our products help relieve the pain and itching which are often the cause of re-opened wounds and slower healing. And, the aromatic qualities of our blend often comfort, calm and sooth your animal.

Miller's Equine Wound Salve, a true all-purpose universal healing salve for horses, dogs and livestock.
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Our products have been successfully used in the field for nearly 10 years. Essential oils with medicinal properties have been providing relief and recovery for many hundreds or thousands of years. We believe in our products and their health and healing benefits, but no product can be guaranteed to work in every case.
It is generally best to consult your medical professional or vet about severe or acute cases.

Not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.
Not evaluated by the FDA. All ingredients are Generally Recognized as Safe for humans, pets & livestock, except cats.
Some oils can be irritating to some people. Dilute with any vegetable oil. Boo Boo Goop is a product of Post Oak Enterprises, LLC.  and is formulated in Burnet, Texas.


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